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Haute Cosmetic


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Our Company

Haute Cosmetic, the Haute Couture of cosmetic, developed by a french
group renowned throughout the world for its fragrances and range of
tea-based cosmetics for the most famous brand in the medicine aesthetics
and the cosmetic universe.
Innovative products, perfect synergy between the latest advances in
aesthetic medicine combined with the most powerful active concentrated
extracted from the nature.

Our Team

The Haute Cosmetic Team shares 3 strong values to develop the most
efficient products :
A deep innovative spirit : Haute Cosmetic use the science to serve the
beauty, associating unique natural actives and the last revolution in
aesthetic medicine.
A strong Exigency : a scientist cosmetic which guarantees a perfect
balance between beauty and healthy.
A perfect Efficiency : The Haute Cosmetic Team always tries to go
futher in the researchs to propose the most efficiency product to delay
the signs of aging and make women become more beautiful.


Haute Cosmetic, 22 rue du Général Bertrand - 75007 Paris
Phone:+33 1 56 58 67 67/Fax: +33 1 56 58 00 58