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Haute Cosmetic


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HAUTE COSMETIC sells all the products which are in the website to final consumers. Any order manifestly not corresponding to a retail sale, and more generally any order fraudulent or presumed as such will be considered by HAUTE COSMETIC as invalid.

Before the validation of the order, the Consumer, declares it has no links between a Professional activity. This is only limited of a personal use.


Formation of the contract and orders

Price List

The sale prices of the on-line products on the Web site of HAUTE COSMETIC, indicated in euro, is the ones current at the time of the signing of  the order by the Buyer.

The sale prices of products can be modified by HAUTE COSMETIC at any time. This modification will be indicated to the Buyer before any order. The prices are applicable within the framework of the remote sale.

These prices do not include the freight costs, charged in supplement of the price of the bought products. The freight costs will be indicated before the recording of the order by the Buyer. The various modalities of shipping are planned below in the CGV and can be modified at any time by HAUTE COSMETIC. So HAUTE COSMETIC recommends to every Buyer to consult regularly the CGV appearing on the Web site.

The prices include the value-added tax applicable (VAT) in the day of the Order. Any change of the rate of applicable VAT will automatically be echoed on the price of products sold by HAUTE COSMETIC within its Web site.


Characteristics of products

Products are in accordance with the current French legislation. The responsibility of HAUTE COSMETIC would not be engaged in case of disregard of the legislation of the country in which the product will be delivered (ex: in case of ban on a product). It is up to the Buyer to check with the local authorities of the country concerned by the delivery of products, the possibilities of import or use these products and services which he intends to order.

HAUTE COSMETIC can’t guarantee that the information registered on the packagings of products is translated in all the languages of the European Union. However, this information is available at least in French andor in English.

For any question relative to products and to their use, any complementary question or request of advice, the Buyer can contact the team of Beauty Consultant HAUTE COSMETIC by calling Customer services to 0033 6 25 55 85 85 since France. 



The offers presented by HAUTE COSMETIC is valid as long as they are announced on the Site and while stocks last.


In any case, and in the eventuality of an unavailability of product after signing of the Order:

- The Buyer will be informed about it by e-mail as soon as possible.

- The Order will automatically be cancelled and its bank account will be credited again, or the buyer was delivered from reception of the product.

- Customer services of HAUTE COSMETIC will get in touch with the Buyer to inform him  about the annulment of his Order and suggest him/her renewing its Order, exepted of the unavailable product.



Any Order is worth acceptance of the present General Conditions of Sale, and Legal notices and General Conditions of Use, without particular prejudice of contractual conditions concluded between the Parts.

The Buyer has the possibility to verify the detail of his project of Order and he has the possibility to correct possible errors before the order validation.

From the moment the Buyer confirms his order by clicking the icon « Validate your payment » (below and this before " the order "), he is considered as having accepted with full knowledge of the facts the contents and the conditions of the order in cause and in particular the present General Conditions of Sale : the prices, volumes, characteristics, quantities and delivery deadlines of products proposed in the sale and ordered by the Buyer.

However, the Buyer can cancel his order :

-              2 hours after his/her validation by calling Customer services of HAUTE COSMETIC from 9 am till 8 pm from Monday to Saturday to 33625558585 or of the service indicated in the section " Contact Us " of the Web site of HAUTE COSMETIC.

-              For a past order, out of hours of Customer services of HAUTE COSMETIC, the Buyer is invited to exercise his right of retraction in the conditions planned in the present General Conditions of Sale.

The sale will be definitive at the time of the order is confirmed by the Buyer. This order will be confirmed by HAUTE COSMETIC, by an e-mail of confirmation to the Buyer.

HAUTE COSMETIC will be entitled to take the completeness of the price of the order:

-       Regarding the payments made by the various conditions of payment accepted on the Web site, from the sending of the e-mail informing the Buyer of the shipping of its order.

So, in case of an error in the electronic mail of the Buyer, or the non reception of the confirmation mail of order by HAUTE COSMETIC, the responsibility of HAUTE COSMETIC would not be engaged.

In that case the sale will be considered as definitive, except the cases of cancellation of the order by HAUTE COSMETIC, in particular for unavailability of products. The Buyer can nevertheless exercise  his right of retraction in the conditions planned in the article of the present General Conditions of Sale.



The Buyer guarantees to HAUTE COSMETIC that he arranges necessary authorizations to use the method of payment which he will have chosen for his/her order, during the registrement of the order.


Credit cards

Credit cards accepted on the Web site HAUTE COSMETIC and by Customer services of HAUTE COSMETIC is the following ones: credit card, Visa, and Master's degree Card. These payment cards must be delivered by a banking or a financial institution situated in the European Union.


Purchase vouchers

Purchase vouchers obtained within the framework of the program of sponsoring HAUTE COSMETIC is available to use only on the Web site HAUTE COSMETIC, without minimum amount of purchase and during one year as from their emission. They are, subject to their validity, accumulative for the payment of the same order. In the hypothesis where the amount of the purchase voucher used for the payment of an order would exceed the amount of this order, the balance can be later used by the buyer.



Checks accepted during the payment, via Customer services HAUTE COSMETIC exclusively, are checks delivered by a banking or financial institution situated in France.


Means of payment

The payment can be realized during the on-line order by the Buyer.

The Buyer can also adjust his order by using one of the means of payment aimed before, with Customer services HAUTE COSMETIC from 9 am till 8 pm from Monday to Saturday in      + 33 6 25 55 85 85 or consulting the service indicated in the section " Contact Us " of the Web site of HAUTE COSMETIC.

All the orders are payable in euro, any taxes and included compulsory taxes. The possible banking charges stay chargeable to the Buyer (including in the case of a refund).

Penalties of an amount equal to the legal interest rate can, in the discretion of HAUTE COSMETIC, be applied by rights to the unpaid amounts at the conclusion of a deadline of ten days according to the date of the order or from announcement of the discharge of banking payment.

Besides, HAUTE COSMETIC reserves the right to suspend or to cancel any execution of an order andor a delivery, whatever its nature and level of execution, in case of non-payment or partial payment of any sum which would be due by the Buyer, in case of incident of payment, or in case of fraud or attempt of fraud relative to the use of the Web site of HAUTE COSMETIC, including on the occasion of previous orders.


Safety in the operations of payment

To assure the safety of the credit card payment, the Buyer will have to pass on in HAUTE COSMETIC the visual cryptogram ( CVV) appearing on the back of the crédit card used by the Buyer.

Within the framework of the wrestling against the frauds on Internet, the relative information with order of the Buyer can be passed on in any third part authorized by the law or indicated by HAUTE COSMETIC to the only purposes of check of the identity of the Buyer, the validity of the order, the used method of payment and the envisaged delivery.

HAUTE COSMETIC uses a tool of secure payment, called "PayPal". The safety of the payment bases on the authentification of the Buyer, and on the confidentiality of the completeness of the data. To assure this safety, Paypal uses techniques tried by cryptography and respects the various applicable banking regulations in France.



Parcel are generally sent in 48 hours after reception of your payment. The standard method of dispatch is Colissimo followed, put back with signature.

Parcel for Europe will be sent in 48 hours by EXPRESS priority FEDEX with a participation of our part has these expenses.

For the World, the expenses of taxes and customs are transport return has the load of the addresse for any refused parcel the expenses of taxes customs and stays has the load of the addressee.    

Whatever is the chosen method of dispatch, we shall supply you as soon as possible a link which will allow you to follow on-line the delivery of your parcel.

Your parcel is sent at your own risks, a particular care is brought in parcel.